Why Organize a Music Cities Hackathon?

  • Encourage experts and enthusiasts to collaboratively tackle issues that your city, or cities worldwide are facing.
  • Engage, especially the young local community and give them space and resources to work on their ideas.
  • Meet innovative people with a variety of backgrounds — get inspired by their ideas and get accustomed new ways of thinking.
  • Further establish yourself as an innovative institution/company/city that encourages innovation in the digital space.
  • Lern more about your city and make use of your data & publicly available data.
  • ...and have fun! 

The first two editions of the Music Cities Hackathon were held in Berlin on March 31 - April 1 2017 and in Vancouver on March 22, 2018 and were a great success! The convention offered a space for experts, entrepreneurs & students from different disciplines to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle challenges that cities worldwide are facing.


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I am a passionate Hackathon attendee and I love idea challenges of any kind. I like connecting with people and working with people I never met before and having to deliver something in a limited timeframe
— Music Cities hackathon partecipant