Mar 31 - Apr 1 2017

Berlin, Germany


The first Music Cities Hackathon, which took place at Spielfeld Digital Hub, a joint innovation hub by Roland Berger and VISA Europe, was a great success.

In collaboration with the Technology Foundation Berlin, Sound Diplomacy invited experts/entrepreneurs and students with different backgrounds to identify innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle the challenges that cities worldwide are facing.
The 35 participants came from disciplines including music, programming, architecture, urban planning, creative industries, design and science to collaborate in eight teams: using a variety of local data provided (venues in Berlin, events, residents, economic data, ...) and data additionally sourced by participants (e.g. live streamed tweets that were later accordingly tagged), the teams worked on different ideas.


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It’s a collaborative exercise and it’s always quite interesting to see, how groups come together, who don’t know each other. I’m interested both in the content, but also the social dynamics.
— Charles Landry, Author of The Creative City, Jury Member